These 12 round images are pictorial oracles, oracles of the Energy of Light.  They are imbued with in-depth  information from the Universe.  These Obulettes will help you remember the Universal Truth, Your Truth. 

They act as searchlights drawing energies from the Universe and connecting these energies with the Earth, representing an extreme coming together, a vortex.  They are powerful beyond words and their meanings will become extremely important during a stage of the Earth’s development in the future.

Each Obulette is of a healing vibration and the viewer will receive information that resonates to their own uniquely individual energies.  This works on blockages, thought, and behavioral patterns that may be restricting spiritual growth.

Just as each viewer receives different information, one viewer may interpret an individual Obulette differently each time while meditating upon the same image.  As you click on each image below, it will bring you to a page with interpretations from the same person doing readings twelve years apart.  You, of course, may acquire completely unique information. 

Please click on each Obulette you are drawn to and enjoy the adventure.  Take your time and sit with the images to allow information and messages to come forward.



The story of my journey through this creative process follows:


I adopted the pen name of my own spirit entity, Atlisse, to name my business. The name Atlisse, appeared in a dream and was compared to the masculine name of Atlas, to clarify its pronunciation. A-T-L-I-S-S-E was actually spelled out in the dream to assure its accuracy. My given name, Carol Evelyn Goodwin, changed at marriage to Carol E. Lehnert.

I met my channel and friend, Terry McNabb, in December, 1994. Shortly afterwards a series of ongoing sessions began to allow time to clear energy blocks and encourage healing. Because of these weekly meetings a window of opportunity opened to allow a constant flow of communication with the guides who were the source of this obulette project.

One of the biggest adventures and greatest joys was the introduction of my spirit guides. They came through Terry in many warm and nurturing sessions each time with information and guidance appropriate at the time. I am part of a group of guides or aspects of my own personality, called Nore, and I would like to share with you the actual session when they introduced themselves to me. I took notes in longhand as Terry, a conscious channel, spoke the information.

"We are Nore. We are a group of guides and you, my dear, are a part of us. We number five including you. Each of us has lived many lifetimes and we have always been together. This lifetime you chose to incarnate and we are here to support you totally. Let us introduce our individual entities."

"You may refer to me as Sam. I speak for the group consciousness. My job within the group is to keep the group connected with Love, to hold the bond."

"Hello, dear, my name is Morjet. I am creativity. I bring you to the place of manifestation. All possibilities await. You are the creator as you decide what you want and intend it to be. You birth these ideas into reality through your creative thoughts."

"I am Mac. I oversee survival. I've taken care of you in a number of places and in a number of ways, times you did not even realize. I do this through my influence but it is through your energy. I influence you a lot. Some car accidents have been avoided because you made the decision not to be in them. I am a reflection for you not making decisions for you."

I am pleased to introduce myself. My name is Valuna. I am the female nurturer. I feel great joy in connecting with you, as do the others. I am a bit envious of your taking this assignment and I am very supportive as are the others."

"And you, my dear, are called Atlisse among us. Your job is to be the Communicator. You have fulfilled this challenge time and again through countless lifetimes in ways you can not now remember."

On May 21, 1966, Terry channeled the entity known as KRYON, who offered the following information regarding the obulettes:

“This work you are doing is very powerful.  There is a connection being made in the Earth, the Past, Present and Future, that will help change   the energy of the planet and will live on and on.  It will be one of the    Ancient Writings.”