Interpretation One

This Obulette personifies the travels of Spirit Beings first coming to and inhabiting the Earth.  Depicted is the development of the energy of humanoid form and of the Mercaba, which is the form of the Human Being in its most unlimited state.  The large central pyramid represents the True Person we are journeying to become, the coming together in power and strength.

Various shapes on this Obulette represent the Travelers, coming in joy to this planet anxious to begin their new jobs.  Framework is shown bringing the stability, information, love and support to surround the individual.  The Veil is a place of transition to move through as one becomes another form.  It is malleable but offers a slight resistance as we move through it during the Birth and Death cycle.

Our Guides are shown helping us to learn our lessons while on our journey.  They ask how they can assist.  The Path is not straight nor easy but even when we fall off we fall into Love and are supported throughout our journey.  The only white area represents Universal Love, God’s Love and is holding each individual, (Merkabah), gently, like an embryo.

                                                       Interpretation Two

The Merkaba is floating in a field representing Infinity or All That Is.  There is joy, anticipation, excitement and a sense of fulfillment – anticipation and yet reward for a job well done.  The cubes on the Merkaba are symbols representing tasks that once accomplished, could lead to what we consider enlightenment.  There are five shown here and they represent the lessons of patience, compassion, abundance, acceptance and beauty/inspiration.  Although five are shown they represent many more.

The many other symbols in this Obulette represent the forces at work that help us learn our lessons as well as the playground that we learn our lesson on.  They are the tools, the Spirit Guides, angels, our past selves and our future selves.  The whole Universe is giving us clues and support to get what we need to be able to go to the next level.