Interpretation One

This Visluel Obulette describes Earth changes, a rebirth and limitless understanding.  Do you realize that the Earth is the Gem of the Universe?  Earth realizes that, she is so in her power.  She knows what she is doing and how to rearrange the land and waters.  There are energies at work on and in the Earth and there will be destruction of what we know now for the birth of a beautiful New Earth.  This depicts the planetary shift causing the landscape to look different.

The upper half of Visluel is the Joy.  We feel joy about these new dimensions as we begin to experience our next adventure.  It feels like a new planet, a safe haven, a peaceful and restful place.  As we move forward, across the veil, we obtain more understanding as it will come very quickly.  We will be supported and encouraged by our Guides with whom we will now see and communicate.  We become the Guides and float within the realm of possibilities and limitlessness.

                                                          Interpretation Two

The bottom of this Obulette represents the biological or physical left brain.  It shows how we see things as rigid, contained and in boxes.  This represents the rigidity of the way of life as it is “supposed” to be or “should” be.  Much structure, judgment and criticism are held here.  We tend to feel so secure when everything is in its proper place... not realizing that it is all an illusion.

The top half represents the spiritual and emotional right brain.  Our Guides are able to hold a space where there are no “boxes,” no right or wrong, a place where things just are, a place where they flow.  Compared to the rigidity of the bottom this shows what “could be” and is already there and has always been there for us.  Although we see things as rigid this flowing nature is a part of us.

Both sides show us the multiple personalities we have, aspects of our own self through many voices.  It feels like we are moving from one side to the other, letting the other side in more and more.  The curved like crossing the center is the “new veil.”  As we get breakthroughs we punch through that line, then revert back for safety, security, etc.