Interpretation One

The central symbol in this Obulette, the Hanab Ku, stands for Creation.  Everything that IS, is condensed into this symbol.  Creating with love we have the power to create our own Universe, the microscopic versus the macroscopic.  Both humans and the Universe are represented within the Hanab Ku.

In the larger picture certain symbols in Galaxia refer to travel portals, the back and forth between inner space and outer space and portals to discovery, adventure, peace and various galactic civilizations.  Also a travel portal allows connection with the Self at different stages of one’s own life.

The purple circles of various sizes against the pink background may be planets which have exploded and can be accessed again only in the mind but also represent Possibilities, or all that could be when you use your mind.  You create, drawing on past experiences to create something new.  The pink background here is the Life Form which all of us comprise as a single unit.

The white and red eye shapes on the outer border show that we are being watched and assisted by others with that are with us.  They also express a seeing, the experience of going through the portals in our minds eye.  We are the guardians of this history and past experience.

                                                          Interpretation Two

This Obulette has to do with travel as a means to step to the other side of the Universe.  A slight anxiety that comes with this refers to uncertainty of the state of the world one is traveling to and not the concept of the travel itself.

This entire graphic represents a type of holographic technology that we would build in order to achieve these journeys but of such an advanced energy it is years in the future.  You might focus on a central image and step into a holograph which has been created with this higher level of mechanical technology.  This then changes your molecules and instantaneously accomplishes the transport.