Interpretation One

Truth is a Life Force and Theeot is this Truth.  There is joy and relief in the Truth.  You are protected in the Truth.  When you are feeling in your power, you show your True Self.  We are now offered assistance in this rescue mission for planet Earth.  We have support, love, help and guidance on our path and even in fear we are guided.  Once we trust, we are home.

The crooked x symbols shown on this Obulette represent Truth and Life and are very powerful.  They are the Truth of knowing who you really are.  They are extremely powerful, very pure and exemplify the intrigue of being alive, a connection with all life.

The green triangles show voicing the Truth.  This is a symbol of stewardship and responsibility like the sentinel guarding and proclaiming the Truth through fear.  Jesus Christ was a sentinel of the Truth, guarding it through love.  Green is a healing color as Truth is nurturing and healing.

Purple bars across these triangles represent the language of Truth that could translate into a weapon of sorts or scrolls and text.  Truth will counteract the fear and darkness around us as we follow the directive:  To thine own self be true.”  There is also protection in Truth for as truth surrounds you it protects you and armor is not necessary.

The center represents intense God Energy.  All chakras are open as we line up with this center to feel connected to All That Is.  We are God, also.

                                                       Interpretation Two

A theme of this Obulette could be Balance as these symbols represent true and perfect balance.  It speaks of harmony as well.  There is a tone to this as music is such a beautiful balance.  There is some sorrow here as well showing the difficulties of finding balance, keeping balance once found, likewise, the sorrow of lost balance.  As we strive for this balancing act, we are held in love.  It is very loving.