Interpretation One

Nulaka maps out the knowledge needed to create a civilization.  Each symbol has specific meanings, for instance, the four cubes represent the tool boxes of civil laws, chemistry and sciences, mechanical tools and the building disciplines.  The border spiral pairs, surrounding the beach ball circles, funnel off energy to be used while at the same time allowing perpetual energy that is recycled and self-sustaining.

Pyramids in the border stand for a comforting, gentle feeling of Spirituality, a denser, masculine strength of being grounded and connected in the Body, a sorrowful, wistful place of the Heart and the Wisdom of the experiences of all people;  a story for whomever reads it.  The interior pyramids represent various Vantage Points, of Co-creation, Inter-dependence, Intermingling and the vantage point of Interrelations, from where you can see how it all comes together.

Again, the theme of Unity is shown with the energy of everything on this Obulette coming together through the exploration of all these energies.

                                                         Interpretation Two

This feels like a change in the way of thinking or the planet itself, a shift of some sort, an agitation, a disturbance.  At the same time there is great beauty, many possibilities and an opening.  The large blue shape is the flower that has opened to reveal exciting knowledge, some hope, and presence of being.  It also represents the balance of change and sameness, change that can happen quickly or slowly. 

There are also anchors represented by the pyramids around the border.  These could be things like gravity or truths, all things we can depend on as we live on the planet.  The border spirals are the flow, the yin and yang, the comings and goings of energy, luck, of coming and going to work or any comings and goings.

These are planetary shifts and individual shifts.  This is about change, uncomfortable yet reassuring and exciting.